The Poison Of Self Confinement

by Blistered



Available now through 6131 Records


released August 21, 2015

Recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige
Cover Painting by Andrei Bouzikov



all rights reserved


Blistered Florida


"The Poison Of Self Confinement" available now on 6131 Records

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Track Name: Path Of The Coward
Are your empty threats
Enough to keep you warm at night
paint yourself a brooding madman
you're a weak child
hide behind your mask of strength
afraid to admit your frailty
pull you under
taste your pain
crush your spirit
seal your fate
snap the thread by which you hang
Track Name: Caustic Promise
Numb to your praise
Immune to your poison promise
guard my heart
shelter my soul
I shed my skin
and clothe my form with stone
shackled by your false hope no longer
this heart of ice beats no longer
calloused now forevermore
I renounce my flesh
I renounce my pain
I renounce your touch
I damn your soul forever
I'd rather feel numb than the slings and arrows of agony
I'd rather feel nothing than feel your scorn
Track Name: The Poison of Self Confinement
Concrete walls surround my sorrow
An abysmal disconnect
disillusioned from the world, eternity in solitude
To stare at the sky and wait no longer for an embrace that never comes
Such warmth was never afforded to me
encase myself in shadow, cling tight to solitude
swallow now the poison of self confinement
Track Name: Illusion of Destiny
As I grasp what little promise tomorrow holds
I feel it start to crumble in my hands
I am destined for nothing
Bound only for a silent death
this world will soon forget my name
As I decay
I leave this world with nothing
I am no martyr
I am a faceless name
I am nothing but a whisper
silenced by the sands of time
the promise of glory
is comfort for a fool
and I forsake this illusion of destiny
Track Name: Lash
As you turn the other way and refuse my plea for guidance
I am overcome with waves of hate
do I lash out at you, or lash out at myself?
deface myself
with this blade
with each slash
pain replaces my shame
the sting of the razors edge
tears away at me
but how can I cut deep enough
to cleanse my soul
you bask in contentment
while I suffer in agony
your eyes divert and sink in shame
there is no honor
in self destruction
but it is not honor I seek
I grasp in the dark
searching only for a release
to bear the stings of life no longer
I beg for sleep
Track Name: Lust for Vengeance
Bastard, Traitor
Suffer by my hand
Clench my fists and curse your name
Bastard, Traitor
make you feel my torment
break you as you've broken me
behind your smile a serpents tongue
inside your heart a rotten core
i swing this torch at the web of lies you weave
forever i reject your false embrace
declaration of war
i mark you as my enemy
i will not rest until I satisfy my lust for vengeance
Track Name: Kingdom of Traitors
I spit in the face of your forgiveness
I deny your outstretched hand and your bargain for peace
Cast from paradise for my refusal to comply
A kingdom full of traitors, a death mark for each one
I will rot in the cold before I compromise myself for asylum in your four walls
I will storm the gates of your perfect world and spill the blood of every turncoat
Every traitor marked for death
Track Name: Memories to Burn
The time has come to wash my hands of you
Separate myself from the pain
I have no words to speak
Only scores to settle
Only memories to burn
Now I kneel and torch the pain
Watch it cease to be
Stand absolved before the flames
As the ashes melt away
Track Name: Into the Dying Light
So many moonless nights I've stood afraid to choose
Between surrender to the darkness
And fighting on into the dying light
Darkness is silence
A painless final exit
I take a final stand
And regain the will to be
No longer cowering in fear
This is a declaration
Destruction of the ties that bind
Afraid no longer of this life
Forward now into the dying light
Track Name: Death at Heaven's Doorstep
Death at heavens doorstep
You turn the other cheek
You turn the blindest eye
while they suffer at your feet
blind your eyes
deafen your ears
to the cries of the tormented
Death at heavens doorstep
deny it till your end
when all other life has perished
your throat will feel the reapers hand