Soul Erosion

by Blistered



Released on 6131 records in spring 2014.


released July 30, 2014

Recorded by Ethan Murphy
Mixed by Taylor Young
Mastered by Brad Boatright



all rights reserved


Blistered Florida


"The Poison Of Self Confinement" available now on 6131 Records

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Track Name: Rusted
I'll wipe my mind of the memories
I will destroy your legacy
Page by page cast into the raging fires of contempt
I await the day when your flesh and earth become one
And I will be there, vindicated

With eyes shut tight as a hero you are venerated
Standing upon this pedestal built on our backs
I never saw the real you
I never saw your flaws
I never saw the rust and rot behind your thin veneer

Lightning strikes and sets fire to your facade
Your porcelain beauty cracks and breaks
Your vanity bears weight no longer
I cast you down
Your power is denied

Your soul is rusted
Your guts are rotten

I weep for the time I wasted
Believing you were a hero
Hours, Days, Weeks, and Months
Pissed away

I tear down statues in your image
I crush them now beneath my feet
Track Name: Life Does Not Satisfy
Another dream about descent into the grave
I struggle now to shake myself awake
The rope swings like a pendulum
Each second fades away
I wake, It brings me deliverance from pain

I burn the noose
I spread the ashes
But the shadows still wrapped tight around my neck

I must fight back the urge to take my life

Life does not satisfy
Track Name: Retribution
Stroke your ego while you can
Because soon it will be smashed to pieces
Build yourself up by objectifying those you love
You've made them pawns in a power struggle

The words you speak are sparks
They'll set fire to your throne
Too drunk with power
To leave it behind

I'll watch you burn

There will be retribution in this life or the next
I'll take back what you stole from me
I'll watch you burn
Track Name: Coldest Blood
Bound by the coldest blood
I detest your name as I set fire to this family tree
And with the burning embers
I brand myself anew
These family ties are cut and left to decay

I deny your blood
I deny your coldest blood

I slash my wrists
to drain myself of the blood that bonds us
It binds me to you
I choose death
Over a life shackled to your name
Drain myself of this coldest blood

I hang myself from the branches of this crooked family tree

Slash my wrists to drain myself of of the blood that bonds us
I choose death over a life shackled to your name
Track Name: Soul Erosion
Soul erosion
Hearts destruction
Disintegration of the self
Soul Erosion
Hearts Destruction
There's no compromise

I won't be extinguished
I'll fight to stay alive
As the blanket of uniformity
Seeks to douse the flame inside
How can I see whats burned into my soul
Denial of my hearts desire
Leaves my body ground to dust

Deliver me from compromise
The thing I fear the most
Surrender of the self
Erosion of the soul